Hello, my name is Justina.

A Hair Project blends my past and present practice. Prior to hair, I spent a decade in the contemporary visual arts. I received a BFA in Critical and Cultural Studies from Emily Carr University and held various coordination and project management roles, including freelance art writing. A Hair Project references my underlining love for process and commitment to the visual, creative and technical skills required in an art practice.

I like meticulously undone cuts and colours, and working with texture and shapes. Whether on curly or straight hair, and the wavy patterns in-between. I enjoy soft, pretty blonding and bold bleach outs. Cowboy copper and Coca-Cola red, I’m here for it. 

I work with low-toxic colour and styling products and I am committed to the incorporation of more natural product lines into my practice.

If you prefer a silent appointment, I’m up for that, too. :)

I can work around sound and movement sensitivities, just let me know.

Contact justina.bohach.hair@gmail.com to book.


QALI Salon

236 E Georgia St. #101

Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z7


Monday / Tuesday / Thursday 10am – 7pm

Sunday 10am – 6pm

Wednesday / Friday / Saturday CLOSED

(some accommodations can be made upon request)